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Summary of "Protect Series"
the skin protection cream

Features of Protect Series (in comparison to similar products)

  1. Three kinds of ingredients are mixed to form a protective layer for highly effective protecti.
  2. Hardly any cream smell or oily residues for better feeling.
  3. Medical ingredients are blended to be effective on cracks, chaps, and burning servants (Protect X2 only).
  4. Various sizes of container are available for the convenience of users.
  5. Assured on safety and effect proven through tests conducted by third party professional researchers.

Marketing route and share of the product (in Japan)

  1. In medical field, the products are used to prevent from dry skin on hands using soaps and disinfectants regularly.
    A clinical examiner, SRL Ltd. is the exclusive distributor covering hospitals and clinics nationwide. The product has the highest share of skin protection cream. In dental field, Yoshino Gypsum Sales Ltd. is our sole distributor, also holding the highest share of the market.
  2. In Japan Self-Defense Forces, the product is used by soldiers in mechanical maintenance unit handing oil, paints and organic solution to protect their hands from penetration and for the ease of washing off. The product is the only skin protection cream adopted in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.
  3. In industrial, maintenance, food produce, and agricultural industries, effect of skin protection cream is not widely known yet. These are the vital future sectors to be developed for expansion of the market.
  4. In athletes' world, the product is widely used amongst marathon, bicycle, triathlon racers and also free climbers for prevention of skin scratches where friction is the cause of problems. The product is marketed through sports merchandise retailers nationwide.
  5. UV+ started to be sold in July 2011. With addition of UV prevention, the product now features protection on all four skin troubles, with expectation in growth of the sales volume.

Protect Series is blended with three types of protection layers and currently pending for patent on product manufacturing (PAT#:2009-156759)

When effect is strengthened, the feeling on skin becomes discomfited. Through our relentless research, we have overcome the problem; our manufacturing method now allows for strong effect and better feel on the skin at the same time.