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About Us

Origin of our name

In 1961, former Soviet astronaut Gagarin said for the first time in human history, "the Earth is blue". It was a simple but distinct expression telling us how the planet we live on is beautiful.
At Earth Blue, we are building up our business with commitment to preservation of the Earth environment and healthy living of human kind from the viewpoint of skincare.

Company Summary

Address1-17-11 Hanenishi Hamura-shi Tokyo 205-0017 Japan
TEL:042-554-7783 FAX:042-579-0219
EstablishmentJuly 1, 2005
CapitalJPN YEN 3 million
RepresentativeTetsuo Kawajiri
Business1. Planning/Development, Sales and Manufacturing of Skincare cream.
2. Planning and sales of cosmetics, health & nursing care products etc.
3. Import/Export of products of 2.
Primary BanksMizuho Bank Higashi Ome branch. BOTM-UFJ Fussa branch. MSBC Fussa branch.
Tama Credit Union Hamura branch

Tax Advisor : Sakurai Masanobu Accountant Office (National TKC member) Masanobu Sakurai, CPA
Settlement : June 30th

Privacy Policy

At Earth Blue Ltd. (the "company" hereunder), we acknowledge the importance of protecting customer's private information including the name, address, email, or any other information that may identify the individual and we take measures to protect and respect such information as stated below.

The company observes the laws and regulations on private information protection. The company maintains apt management in handling of the information. When obtaining the information, the company publicly notifies the use and obtains and uses the information within the range of purpose. In some cases, when the company commissions outside agents on product delivery and data processing in order to accomplish the use purpose, the company takes apt measurements upon provision of the information of name, address, phone number, product purchase history to such agents.

The private information provided to the company is used for the following purpose: (1) for provision of the service and product the customer has purchased, (2) for provision of information of other products and services of the company, (3) for a user support service, (4) for survey, research and inquiry, (5) for planning and development of new products. Unless otherwise limited by the order of the laws of private information protection, the company will not disclose the private information to a third party without the prior consent of the holder of the private information.

In order to prevent the loss, leak, alters, or unlawful access of the private information, the company takes apt security measures to protect the private information. The company consistently revises and improves the management policy of the private information protection. When the revision is made, the modifications are notified in the company website.

Please contact the company for inquiries on correcting, discontinuing of the use or disclosure of the private information service.
[Inquiry] TEL:042-554-7783 / Hours 09:00~17:00 (M-F)

e-mail: info@earth-blue.jp